UAG array and AMS failover RRS feed

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  • I have 2 UAG physical server member of an array configured for DirectAccess only

    UAG update 2 + Forefront TMG SP1 + update1

    The NLB is configured on External (2 VIP + 1 DIP / server ) and internal network (1 VIP + 1 DIP by server)

    The intra-array is configured to use the internal DIP address of each server ( checked on forefront TMG)

    During an incident, the AMS  ( UAG-DA 1) was down. So, I promoted the Array member (UAG-DA 2) as the AMS.

    The UAG-DA1 finally went back online. So I had two AMS in the array .

    I used the UAG console management on  UAG-DA2 to set UAG-DA2 a standalone server and rejoined it in the array managed by the first array manager ( UAG-DA 1). I deleted the NLB configuration ( UAG console management).

    The connectivity check before the join worked find. After the application of the configuration was good, NLB is reconfigured and the DirectAccess rules was listed in the TMG firewall policies.

    But the AMS ( UAG-DA1 didnt't see the status of the newly "rejoined" UAG-DA2. The sync status in forefront TMG said that the AMS (UAG-DA1) cannot connect to the array member to check the status. in the eventlog I have somme message that say "the server is not operational"

    I have retried to disjoin and rejoin. Same problem.

    Do I forget something ? Thanks for your help.

    Thursday, December 2, 2010 9:56 AM