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  • We have seen in a couple of instances where project sites do not completely migrate with a Server transition. What do we mean by this?  After a transition (like from v2010 to v2013) if you go as an administrator in the "Connected SharePoint Sites" page you will see some files with nothing listed for "Enterprise Project Features" or "Site Address".  Granted, some files have never been published.  But when we contrast this same page of Connected SharePoint Sites of the old Project Server with the new Project Server there are missing sites. 

    The immediate problem is when we go to manage the Deliverables the workspace will be missing.  Our work-around is after a transition we contrast the Connected SharePoint Sites page of old vs new and then select each file (one by one) and then choose "Edit Site Address".  The Web Application window is already populated, but the Site URL window is blank.  We can easily complete what is supposed to be in the Site URL window and this restores the Project Site. 

    There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why some sites transition successfully and others don't.  As we page through the list of Project Sites we may go a whole page where all the Project Sites are populated, then we see one missing, then maybe a block of 5 missing.  We have seen this occur on a number of occasions.  We saw it when we transitioned one server from v2007 to v2010, we saw it again when we transitioned a different server from v2010 to v2013, we saw in another case where we copied a server from one environment to another, and we are seeing it now when we transition a server on v2010 to Amazon Web Services.

    We have another big transition involving roughly 1600 files in about a week and a half.  It would be nice to get an understanding of this phenomenon. 


    Tuesday, August 15, 2017 11:40 AM

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  • My first thought on this is that it sounds like perhaps some of the problem sites may have been created with a site template that either was using 3rd party web parts or simply not working properly.    

    My second thought may be more common and that is sometimes project managers or SharePoint folks go into the sites and start removing webparts or remove fields out of Risks, Issue and Deliverables task list.  (The fields should have been hidden and not deleted).  This causes issue with migrations of sites as well.

    Have you looked in the ULS after the migration and seen and errors list?

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    Monday, September 4, 2017 3:39 AM