UAG 2010 - SharePoint Redirect using Direct URLs


  • In the Initial Internal Application section on our single UAG 2010 trunk our SharePoint2007 application is listed as the Portal home page and the Display home page within portal frame is checked.  Users log into the UAG and the next page is our SharePoint2007 site that is inside of a frame, the standard UAG portal toolbar is above.  We have a tab within the SharePoint 2007 site that opens up a SharePoint 2010 site in the same frame which works great.  If user right clicks in IE and chooses to open in a new tab/window the SharePoint 2010 site comes up but there is no portal toolbar. This is the same thing that happens if an application is set to open in a new window, the new window does not have the portal toolbar.  The goal is to always have the Portal Toolbar visible regardless however not really sure how to make that happen.  Is this actually possible, if so how?

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