Building the self managed whitelist in C# - reading an Exchange 2010 mailbox RRS feed

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  • I've started messing with some of the remote powershell functionality of Exchange 2010, and use the SCL and antispam on my system.  In the past I have set the SCL reject at 5 and the quarantine at 4.  I would receive about one email every two weeks that was worthwhile in the spam filter mailbox and I would forward it on manually.

    From my other thread, and being a lazy admin, I decided to reduce the SCL to 4 and in the reject notification, send the user to a link for an exemption.  If they fill the form out correctly, enter the image, know a valid internal email address, it sends them a unique verification link to that email address, they click it and they are automatically added to the whitelist.  It's a good 80/20 solution but leaves mass mail emails in limbo because they will never go through the system for an exemption.

    Phase two of the system would be to change the SCL reject back to 5 and keep the same reject message, but automatically monitor and forward on request emails that come into the spam filter along with allowing users to mark emails as safe.  We use Postini email filtering at work which is the exact functionality I want to build.  The main piece of the puzzle is to read a mailbox through C#.  I have read up a little but I do not want to use outlook, nor pop3, nor mapi, and I think webdav is dead in 2010 (can someone confirm) and I haven't found any examples of an Exchange 2010 targeted mailbox.

    Once I can read the inbox, I can provide a webpage to all users that allows them to see emails sent to one or more of their smtp addresses based on their authentiation.  

    Does anyone have a simple example of reading the inbox of a mailbox in Exchange 2010?



    Monday, February 22, 2010 9:55 PM

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