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  • Hi,


    I came across this during a Citrix (Application Streaming) class and not following one of the Basic Rules we started to virtualize an application that we never had seen before: Google Chrome. Well, "profiling" failed with a Chrome installation error so I gave it a try on an App-V 4.5 RC sequencer.

    Luckywise Chrome installation suceeded, I was able to run the App during Monitoring but then - the whole package was about 512 KB in size, nothing usefull in the VFS.


    It turned out that Google Chrome installes into "Local Settings / Application Data", a location, that App-V "excludes" during Sequencing.

    Removing LocalAppData from the exclusion list led me to the same error I've seen on the Citrix Profiler (well, I did not compare the error codes..), so that did not make the trick.


    What does work is if you copy "Local Settings / Application Data / Google" to something like "Q:\8.3\Goolge" during Sequencing.

    Do not forget to adjust the Shortcut(s) to this new location.


    On the XP-Client, Google stores the User's setting into Local Settings / Application Data" as well (have not tested this on Vista).


    Annoying things about that: Chrome does not provide an offline installer and Downlod takes quite long (15 minutes for 7 MB - (Wo)Men, it that Google...? :-\  )

    Secondly - it does not use Windows Installer nor does it install to protected areas so I'm afraid within a week or two we will have a Google Chrome installation in every User's Profile on every Terminal Server and Fat Client. Maybe Google tries to establish a Bot-Net on Windows PCs (bad guess, I know ;-) )


    SERIOUSLY: Please do not try to launch a discussion about Google's behaviour nor its realtionship to MSFT here - this would be Off Topic !






    Monday, September 15, 2008 6:00 PM

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  • Hi,

    Chrome did not launch right after I seqenced it in the way described above. 


    Starting Chrome brings always up a error message that the website could not be shown. Press reload or go to a different website.


    The solution for that is to set the parameter  --no-sandbox after chrome.exe.


    In my case I copied all files from Google in my profile to Q:\Chrome.002\Google and create a new shortcut on the Desktop : Q:\Chrome.002\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --no-sandbox and use this for pubishing the app.


    Runs great on a WD and TS client.


    Happy surfing







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