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    So I installed Windows 7 SP1 a few days ago, and since then I've been harassed with a number of problems.  Granted these two events may be mutually exclusive, but I don't think that they are.

    I'm running Windows 7 Home Professional (64 bit) on an HP tx2 tablet pc.

    Problem 1: Sleep Malfunction

    I had experienced this occasionally before the SP1 install, but now it is always so - when I shut the lid of my laptop to put it to sleep, it doesnt sleep.  Instead, it just switches to a black screen which forces me to just hold the power button and force a shut down.


    Problem 2: Shut down Malfunction

    This used to happen to me (again, occasionally), when I would try to restart my computer.  Now it happens any time I try to shut it down the right way - screen gets stuck on "Logging Off..." and its not like oh man it takes a really long time, I left it like that for 7 hours once and it didnt go anywhere.


    Problem 3: Getting stuck on the boot screen

    Happened to me once or twice before installed SP1, happened when I installed SP1, and has happened a few times in the past few days.  When I boot my computer the very first thing, of course, is the HP logo, which usually displays for no more than 5 seconds.  Sometimes it will just hang infinitely on this screen.  Pressing esc gets a response from the "press esc to access... something (i forget what)", but doesnt take me to that screen.  Like I said it hung on this screen when my system rebooted during the SP1 install, cant remember if I got an error message when I forced a reboot but it did eventually tell me it installed.


    Problem 4:Can't install/uninstall programs.  

    Part one of this problem is strange, I can download and install programs but can't run them.  The major part is I cannot uninstall or upgrade programs.  Have tried with a few, at first the program I wanted to uninstall (Norton 360) to upgrade, then with a few others just to test.  They all just get stuck in the uninstall wizard with the progress bar at 0/no bars the entire time.


    Problem 5: Problems with my directories

    If I move a file, it doesnt show up unless I exit the directory and re-enter.  Same problem for my desktop and task bar, which means if I pin/unpin something to the task bar, or if I move or delete something from my desktop, changes dont show until after I reboot.


    Problem 6, icing on the cake:

    System restore has a restore point either before or directly after SP1 installation, but I have tried and it has failed multiple times.  Always comes up with "system restore has failed" or something like that.  Today during one of my various re-boots I got a "system repair" option as soon as I booted, which also tried to run system restore.  The strange thing about that is that it sort of worked - a few items I had unpinned from the taskbar reappeared, and now I cant access a program I installed recently (now that I think about it, the install/uninstall problem started about a day after the SP1 install), and half of its directory is missing from the start menu.


    any and all help is much appreciated, since this thing is like half bricked right now.



    edit: i forgot to add that the day after i installed SP1 my RAM usage was through the roof - between 90 and 100%. it usually sits around 25% (I have 8gb of ram), but it has since leveled at its usual 25%

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011 8:45 PM

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  • Hi,

    According these issue, let's look at these problems:

    Problem 1: I suggest that go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options ensure the  current setting in power plan defines the system  sleep when  shut the lid.

    Problem 2: Please try to run your Windows 7 with Clean Boot. Some third party software woule cause that Windows can not shut down normally.


    Problem 3 : According to your description, your laptop just hang infinitely on the HP logo screen. It seems that the machine hardware self-check didn't pass. You should check them, and reintall the SP1 since the patch probably is  installed failure.

    Problem 4:Please try to run Windows 7 with Clean Boot and log on with a administrator  account.

    For the  Problem 5 and 6, I wonder if it appear again  after you reinstall the  SP1.

    If the problem has any progress, please let me know

    Friday, March 25, 2011 9:17 AM
  • In reference to problems 1 and 2, they mysteriously went away today? and it wasn't just shutting the lid - choosing the sleep function or hibernate function from the start menu also yielded negative results.  how do i go about fixing the SP1 install? i'm getting close to admitting defeat and running a clean install if i cant get this program install/uninstall problem figured out.
    Friday, March 25, 2011 3:19 PM