Friendlyname from MFEnumDeviceSources RRS feed

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    I am creating an application where I have a screen with Camera control (RadWebCam from Telerik - a third-party control). This control in turn uses MFEnumDeviceSources API to enumerate the video capture devices. I am able to get the list of video capture devices. 

    As per my requirement, when my camera screen is opened, by default I have to set Rear camera to the control. From the above list, how can I distinguish between Front camera and Rear camera ?  

    In one device (Microsoft Surface), I referred FriendlyName property of the camera. The names suggested for front and rear camera were 'LifeCam Front' and 'LifeCam Rear'. Since the name contained the text 'Front' and 'Rear', I was able to identify the Rear camera and could set that camera as default. But in another device, I got the friendlyname as 'OV8830' and 'OV2720', so could not identify the cameras. 

    Please suggest how I can resolve this issue. My code should work for any hardware devices.


    Wednesday, November 6, 2019 8:33 AM