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  • Hello,

     I would like to obtain few details about Microsoft message analyzer.

    1. Does this support TCP, UDP, IPV4 and V6 and UDS (Unified Diagnostics Services) protocol?

    2. Does it support adding new plugins ?

    Can I write an own plugin which for example performs the following:  displays the statistics, display check sum, export the files and save into .csv format. Then integrate the plugin into message analyzer.

    3. What is the cost of the product ? ( Does it have a freeware or proprietary license)

    4. What is the hardware requirements needed by this software ?

    5. Does it require any external hardware analyzer or does it sniff directly  the below network for example: Sniff the 2 microcontrollers communicating on ethernet by connecting an ethernet cable between them and display the packets using this software on the PC.

    6. Does it also support promiscous mode (find below the use case) ?
    Use Case : 2 microcontrollers are communicating through ethernet. Between the 2 microcontrollers, I would like to sniff and observe the packets in this software. Because in this case, the packets are not addressed to this PC.

    7. Please let me know can I add a custom protocol (in the application layer) as a plugin?

    Thank you.

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  • Sorry for the delayed answer, I didn't see this question before.

    1. It does support TCP/UDP/IPV4 and IPV6.  But it doesn't support UDS.  However you could write a parser to support it.  The link to the parser OPN documentation is here:

    2. There are different ways of extending Message Analyzer.  The easiest is by creating a chart to expose statistics.  You can also write parsers to, for instance, calculate a checksum value and expose as a property you could then display in the UI.  Past that there is an unpublished plug-in model for adding viewers.  Perhaps we could discuss further what you want to do and we could figure out the best path.

    3. It's free to download and the license is in the Program files directory called "Message Analyzer Use Terms.rtf".

    4. The hardware requirements are on the download page. Also requirements are here on the help page:  Keep in mind I would say dual core CPU is almost a requirement as it's very slow with just one CPU.

    5. It doesn't require any special hardware.  There are many different ways it can sniff traffic as can listen to any ETW provider.  We enable network traffic sniffing using an NDIS filter driver that is built in to the OS.  You can configure it to sniff promiscuously, which will see any traffic that arrives at the NIC.  The help has more details.

    6. Yes, you can use promiscuous mode.  I'm not sure which OS's are supported, but for sure Windows 10 and WS2012R2 and above.

    7. Yes, you can extend the parsing by writing OPN.  I added a link to the documentation below.

    If there are any other details or questions, please let us know.



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