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  • I am doing lots of EMS implementations and I think the difficulty I encounter often is that admins want to ability to define the same policies across devices. Not have to make different security policies (not that they are separate, but that what is defined is different) for iOS and a different standard for Android (and yet another for each Windows platform). The inability to have common application deployments experience, mail settings, and security settings makes Intune not look like a valid enterprise solution to replace what they have in place. Intune's limitations in functionality across the different Android versions has been a huge hindrance to an large implementation I am currently doing. Large enough they want to scrap it and go elsewhere.

    I am not sure where you are getting your information as to what enterprise customers are interested in, but I think you need to maybe look at comparable vendor's solutions and note that they can manage this without workarounds or lot's of asterisks. This puts me in a real pickle when I am suggesting a customer rip out a solution that has more features for Intune because they got it as part of EMS.

    If KNOX does not need installed or configured on a device, this should be noted. Like the OP stated, there is very little information as to what KNOX is and what it means to have a KNOX supported device and how Intune leverages it for its MDM framework. I understand that KNOX isn't a Microsoft technology, but someone there understands it enough to develop Intune for it. Helping your customers understand it will help with leveraging it and may also help to provide understanding as to why something works or doesn't. Perception is huge and when understanding is limited, the result is usually negative.

    Thursday, January 22, 2015 6:39 PM

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