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  • I don't want to have to read an entire deployment guide yet.   I just need an overview of requirements so we can determine if this will even be possible to implement in our environment.

    The basics I understand is that it requires the clients to have Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 8 Enterprise,  1 server needs to be at least 2008 R2 and we need two consecutive IPv4 IP addresses.  

    So, to start we do not have any workstation Enterprise licensing (only XP and Windows 7 Pro) and I'm not sure we have 2 consecutive external  IP addresses.  I assume 2 consecutive addresses can be purchased if we do not already have them available, so that will not likely be a roadblock.

    We already have or can get a 2008 R2 Server that can be used to manage DirectAccess. 

    So, the biggest issue I see is getting Windows 7 or 8 Enterprise licensing for the laptops that would use it.  There is no way the company is going to buy Enterprise licensing for every workstation in the organization when there are perhaps less than 50 laptops that would benefit from DirectAccess.  I heard this also requires purchasing a Software Assurance package that company management has previously elected to not purchase since we do not upgrade every new version of Windows or Office when they are released.

    The company has already paid for a third party full disk encryption software, so Bitlocker would not be something we require.  We do not have a use for Branch Cache and probably would not use AppLocker, so we would be getting Enterprise versions of Windows solely just to get DirectAccess (and maybe Windows 8 To Go to go along with it) and if it is too costly, we would need to keep using Cisco VPN solution since it works, but is just  inconvenient to use and support.

    To get Windows 7 or 8 Enterprise for 50 laptops, can you purchase the licensing package for just those laptops and not be required to upgrade the software licensing structure for the entire organization? 

    What are very rough costs for the required licensing any company would need to pay to get 50 laptops currently with Windows 7 Pro Volume Licensing licensed with Windows 7 or Windows 8 Enterprise?

    I know it would vary, but I am not asking for a specific quote or we would talk to a licensing sales person.  I would just like a very rough idea of what costs are per workstation before we bother wasting time dealing with a licencing sales agent for an exact dollar quote only to find out it costs many times more the company would consider paying.

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  • I don't have numbers for you, your best bet is talking directly with Microsoft regarding the Enterprise licensing costs. However, it is important to note that you could alternatively upgrade your Win7Pro clients to be Windows 7 Ultimate. DirectAccess works on Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 8 Enterprise. Unfortunately there is no Win8 Ultimate, so for 8 you must go Enterprise. I have customers who do not have Enterprise Agreements running Win7 Ultimate for DirectAccess.

    And you are correct, you need a DA server, which can be Server 2008 R2 running UAG or Server 2012. The reason I specify "running UAG" on the 2008 box is that if you implement native DA on Server 2008 R2 without UAG, then your internal network must be IPv6, and most companies are not. UAG removes that requirement. You will also need to have a certificate server inside your environment, any Windows CA will work just fine.

    I'm not a sales guy, but I install DirectAccess Concentrator appliances built by IVO Networks every day (these appliances take the role of your DirectAccess server). All server-side licensing is included with an appliance, and you of course have access to an engineer to assist with the planning and deployment. Feel free to contact me directly if you want more information in that area:

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  • I thought of Windows 7 Ultimate, but it doesn't work with our volume licensing, so it might complicate deployment since we would have to buy at full retail plus enter individual MAK keys on each laptop.  If there is a good way to manage Ultimate deployment keys, that may be the way to go.

    Another option I found while looking for solutions is getting Windows Intune just for the laptops.  It would give Enterprise client licensing for the duration of the yearly subscriptions, with a option to to "buyout" the licenses at the end.  Otherwise, the software has to be removed after the subscription ends.  

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012 6:28 PM