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  • Hello, i look a post of 2006 about this cam put i try all that and my webcam still not working.

    Ok i have an Ahtec X820U Duo with a Bisoncam pro and i buy 1 1/2 month the vista ultimate, well i speak with Ahtec SAT and that the answer i have "that we dont have the vista drivers, but you can buy a new laptop" ok, i ask them al the info about who is the manufacterer of the cameras for contact them "we dont know now give us you mail and we send you in 2 day" 1 moth and i still with no answer.

    Last week we recibe 1 new laptops and 1 desktop from that company with no OS but we buy a vista home premiun and another vista ultimate, and what a surprise after the installation...... the webcams not works the system dont recognice they have same webcams. We call them explaing the problem and they tell us, "Download Windows XP drivers and run XP SP2 compatibility" we do that  and wen we try to reboot,,,,,,,,, the computers dont reboot or shutdown, they stops in closing session and you can go to dinner or the disco and the computer still closing session.

    Sorry about all that explanation Stick out tongue well my questions is any one have any solution.

    Regards to all
    Saturday, April 12, 2008 8:39 PM


  • Hello Devylman,


    I feel sorry about what you’ve encountered. Based on my research, BisonCam is a product from KYE SYSTEMS corporation:




    On the website of KYE, I cannot find any information about this device. Therefore, I suspect that this product is out of support life-cycle and no Windows Vista driver will be released. In this case, I recommend you to upgrade the webcam in order to get better experience.


    As Windows Vista changes a lot from Windows XP, so manufacturers should release new drivers to ensure their products can run steadily on Windows Vista. To troubleshoot compatibility issues, we may need to take both computer (motherboard/chipset, audio card, video card, etc) and webcam into account.


    Besides, for your reference, I’d love to include another thread:




    It contains some possible solutions that can get BisonCam to work with Windows Vista. As this is not solution provided officially, I cannot guarantee the reliability and availability of them. I just hope it helps in your scenario.


    Have a nice day, Devylman. If I misunderstood anything or you have more questions on this topic, feel free to let me know.





    Tuesday, April 15, 2008 8:32 AM