Sticky drive letters on removable usb drives. RRS feed

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  • Given two flash drives, Red & Blue, and the next available drive letter on the machine is G:

    insert Red, it becomes G: (ok)
    remove Red, insert Blue, it becomes G: (ok)
    leave Blue in, also insert Red, Red becomes H: (ok)
    remove both Red and Blue, get a cuppa coffee
    insert Red, it becomes H: (huh?)

    Whenever I insert multiple USB drives, some get pushed to higher drive letters as expected. But then the higher drive letters 'stick' and forever after when I insert a drive by itself, it gets the highest letter ever assigned to it, not the first available ( G: ). I call this "stick high" behavior.

    I use DiskMgmt console to re-assign the drive letter from x: to g: and we are back to "normal" until I insert multiple USB drives at the same time. Because I have NINE external USB things, some using more than one letter, used on two different machines, I prefer that the drive letters not "stick high", but always take the first available just to keep the confusion level low.

    The Question (finally):

    Is there a policy or setting change where I can tell Windows not to 'stickify' the drive letters for removable drives?

    (I know I can use diskmgmt and mount them to a path and remove the drive letters entirely, but that's not how I prefer to manage the external drives.)

    Friday, September 12, 2008 7:41 PM