Agent State from Health Service Watcher - All Nodes Greyed Out

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  • In the Agent Health State View located at this path:

    Monitoring > Operations Manager > Agent Details

    There are 2 sections, "Agent State from Health Service Watcher" and "Agent State". All the nodes are green in Agent State but they are all grey in Agent State from Health Service Watcher. When I use the Health Service Watcher Task "Show Gray Agent Connectivity Data", nothing happens. If I go to the path Microsoft.SystemCenter.AgentWatchersGroup\[SERVERNAME] to see the state view, nothing appears, I assume this is the root of the problem as SCOM is looking for something it cannot find.  

    I have tried deleting this folder "D:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2016\Operations Manager\Server\Health Service State" and restarting the HealthService but this does not resolve the issue.

    Also, when I open the Health Explorer for one of these greyed out nodes in Agent State from Health Service Watcher, the Entity Health Object is greyed out. But when I drill down:

    Entity Health (grey) >

       Availability (grey) >

          Local System Center Management Health Service Availability (grey) >

             Availability (green) >

                (Other green healthy monitors)

    The second Availability roll up monitor is green and is the only rollup monitor located inside of Local System Center Management Health Service Availability Monitor, which has a grey status. 

    Wednesday, July 11, 2018 1:55 PM

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  • Hi,

    The “Health Service Watcher” indicate whether the agent is being monitored from a Management Server.

    Please refer to the link below:

    Fixing troubled agents

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    Thursday, July 12, 2018 8:23 AM
  • I manually reinstalled the agent, here are the related events after the manual install:

    Management Server Event Log:

    -A device which is not part of this management group has attempted to access this Health Service. 
    Requesting Device Name : [SERVER I manually installed agent on] (EventID 20000)

    Not sure if this Event is related but it seems critical (EventID 31567):

    -Failed to deploy reporting component to the SQL Server Reporting Services server. The operation will be retried.
    Exception 'DeploymentException': Failed to deploy reports for management pack with version dependent id 'edf9e0b9-65aa-df29-6729-d16f0005e820'. Failed to deploy linked report 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Server_Performance_Report'. Failed to convert management pack element reference '$MPElement[Name="Microsoft.SharePoint.Foundation.2013.Responsetime"]$' to guid. Check if MP element referenced exists in the MP. An object of class ManagementPackElement with ID 75668869-f88c-31f3-d081-409da1f06f0f was not found. 

    One or more workflows were affected by this.  

    Workflow name: Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.Deployment.Report 
    Instance name: Data Warehouse Synchronization Service 
    Instance ID: {458C6B15-81B2-1F5C-5ED6-1ABD9953FA96} 
    Management group: ***

    Event Log on Agent:

    -OpsMgr has no configuration for management group *** and is requesting new configuration from the Configuration Service. (EventID 21023)

    -The OpsMgr Connector connected to [Management Server], but the connection was closed immediately after authentication occurred.  The most likely cause of this error is that the agent is not authorized to communicate with the server, or the server has not received configuration.  Check the event log on the server for the presence of 20000 events, indicating that agents which are not approved are attempting to connect. (EventID 20070)

    -OpsMgr was unable to set up a communications channel to [Management Server] and there are no failover hosts.  Communication will resume when [Management Server] is available and communication from this computer is allowed. (EventID 21016)

    -OpsMgr has returned to communicating with its primary host *** (EventID 21019)

    Note: The events are listed in the order that they were logged

    Thursday, July 12, 2018 2:16 PM