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  • Hi all,

    I'm part of a team at Microsoft who are working hard to provide resources that IT Managers will hopefully find useful.  One of the ideas we're working on is a series of live chat sessions.  The idea is that we use a webcast format, but with several panelists and a moderator (currently the moderator will be yours truly) discussing a particular topic; maybe with a slide or demo or two.  But the main purpose (and benefit) will come from giving the people who are attending the session the ability to submit questions.  We want to make it very conversational.

    The end result will also be recordings of the session that the world of IT Managers can make use of in podcast and video form.

    Right now we've got a tentative list of session topics that include things like this:

    1. IT Management hub 101 - What is the value of hub? What are we trying to help IT Managers with?

    2. IT management Community talk — Virtualization

    3. IT management Community talk - Governance and Compliance

    4. IT management Community talk - SOA & BPM

    5. IT management Community talk - BI

    6. IT management Community talk - Security

    This is just a first run of idea.  What do you think?  What's missing?  If we gathered experts in each of these areas together for a free and open panel discussion, would you have questions for them? 
    Would you be interested in submitting questions ahead of time?

    We'd love to get your feedback.  Thanks!

    Kevin Remde US IT Evangelism - Microsoft Corporation http://blogs.technet.com/kevinremde
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  • Perhaps something that falls across multiple categories and focuses on an application?

    I attended the MVP summit @ Microsoft last week.  Great experience and tons of content.  One thing I was introduced to there that is available (and not NDA) is Data Protection Manager.  I think this application is great (and havent even played with it yet).  Perhaps some overview of this and other system center products to get IT managers up to speed with some of these applications?

    I had not even seen this app pre-Redmond so I would guess there are others out there who haven't.  I have a blog post coming on this soon, but thought it might fit really well here...


    I also think looking at SAN integration would be a good idea... when discussing virtualization.  Any opportunity I can get to learn more about this area would be beneficial.

    Derek Schauland, MCSE | 2008 Microsoft MVP | Technology Addict
    Wednesday, March 11, 2009 3:50 PM
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