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  • Good day!
    We have three servers on Windows Server 2012R2 installed ADFS, WAP and Dynamic CRM 2015. On WAP published Dynamic CRM. They can be seen from the outside, it is possible for them to go. But there were one problems: 

    In order to authenticate via ADFS on Dynamic CRM (it succeeds), it becomes impossible to go to other portals and resources through a customized single sign-on, that is, enter the address of the portal is redirected to ADFS, but when you enter the login and password, nothing happens in event logs any errors and exceptions in the same does not occur. There is the idea that something can be wrong with cookies, but I do not know who can come across? And not necessarily internal portals, you can not go to the same o365. When the reverse situation, first successful authorization on any other website, attempt to log trace on CRM runs just as well.

    Friday, April 24, 2015 6:36 AM

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  • I believe I have same issue

    I have ADFS/WAP and CRM 2015 all running 2012 R2

    CRM has Claims-based Auth and IFD

    CRM IFD is published via WAP

    Also have O365 with Azure AD Connect and Single Sign-on via ADFS

    Login behaviour to systems from my external browser is as follows 

    • CRM 2015 Only - Works OK
    • O365 Only - Works OK
    • O365 and then CRM - Both work OK
    • CRM and then O365 - CRM works OK but login to O365 FAILS, repeated prompts from ADFS
    • CRM and then O365 InPrivate browsing - Both work OK

    Tuesday, November 10, 2015 8:54 PM