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  • Hi all,

    I am fairly new to Power BI. I have two questions/clarifications:

    Question 1:

    I was wondering What type authentication is supported by Power BI datasets. I will explain with an example below:

    Consider I have a Power BI dataset and some charts (a dashboard) in Power BI. The datasource is Rest WCF service on my premises. The users are my organizational users. The OData service is an HTTPS endpoint. I was wondering if authentication would work in that case? Would I be able to authenticate the user in this case. As my knowledge goes if the call to my rest service has a token in header, I would be able to call my STS and validate the user.

    My question is when the dataset is refreshed, the call to my service (which is made from Power BI) does it also include a Token in the call header. I am assuming it would be because the user is already logged on to power BI using his/her organizational credentials. Can someone please confirm.

    Question 2:

    This question is again about user access/authentication. Consider that my organization has many users which have different level of access to data (some users would see more data/ some less based on user id). I develop some power BI datasets (models) and some dashboards. I as developer have access to all data, so essentially see all data. I then share them to end users.

    The question is when any user uses the shared dashboards and refreshes the dataset, will his access (authentication) work and he sees only those data that he should ?

    I am confused as to how this would work. Is it that when an user adds a shared dashboard into his profile, would he/she have his own copy of the dashboard/dataset or will it be an shared one. If it is a shared one then I guess the access thing would not work.

    Please advise/suggest.

    - Girija

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    Saturday, September 26, 2015 9:42 AM