field name in c# does not match the view or list name in browser ?


  • When I look at a view or list in a browser  , the column name is 'Project #'

    when I read the same data in c# (a collection of FieldValues in a ListItem)  using c# (Microsoft sharepoint client 2013), I see something like

    Project_x0020__x0023_ .

    in c# , how can I access the view column names?





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  • Hi Peter,

    I am not sure whether I understood your exact requirement. The following code snippets should help you. If you need anything else, please let us know.

    1) To read the list of fields/columns in a view, use the following code -

    SPList list = web.Lists["Tools"]; SPView listView = web.Lists["Tools"].Views["All Items"]; SPViewFieldCollection viewfieldCollection = listView.ViewFields; foreach (string viewFieldName in viewfieldCollection) { SPField columnDetails = list.Fields[viewFieldName];


    2) Get column/field display name from field instance -> SPField.Title

    3) Get field (from web/list - same way)

    Using Field Internal name -  web.Fields.GetField(Display name or internal name)

    Using Field display name - web.Fields[Display Name]

    4) Access list item value using display name of the field - 

    item[Field display name] - Return object

    Also, to get the internal column name of a list field, simply goto List settings - click on desired column and see the Field name in URL.

    Hope it helps..


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  • In your column Project_x0020__x0023_ ,_x0020 is space and _x0023 will another special character..

    With the help of below method,you are able to read it.

    Sunday, July 21, 2013 4:44 PM
  • @Peter, Added to the above post, there are few more approaches you can follow 

    You can use CSOM(C#) to get your column details in the list 

    Or using webservice in C#

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  • That answers my question! I need to use field.title instead of field.InternalName

    regards ,Peter 

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