What are the miminum permissions needed to be given to a domain account so they can view FIM Reports? RRS feed

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  • We have managed to install FIM Reports. I (as a FIM admin) can view them either via the Service Manager Console or via the Reporting Server no problem.

    We want an "ordinary" user to be able to browse for and load a Report e.g. User History.

    I guess the choice is either access the SM Console or Reporting Server.

    I am having hard time getting a non-admin user to see these Reports via SM Console!

    I have granted a user ( mydomain\fim.reportuser ) Browser role in the Report Server security. To see a Report that user HAS to type a long URL (our DW is on a separate sql instance SCSMDW) like:


    I guess each FIM Report URL *could* be hidden on the Portal as a link but what I hope for is to allow the user to browse for it i.e. get rights to see Forefront.IdentityManager.Reporting and from there chose one of the 8 standard reports available.

    What are the MINIMUM rights an account needs to EASILY access FIM Reports one way or another?

    Friday, June 12, 2015 9:06 AM