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  • The login screen for Win7 is broken, I am an IT pro tester and I should know - here is a list of problems that need to be fixed:

    - When focus is set on the Password it should be really visible - switching focus now is almost invisible and the key arrow up and down are changing focus so it is a mess. Learn form Safari. 

    - The login screen is not 508 compliant (people with disabilities cannot use it) - the user has to use the mouse to login. When I press ESC key I should exit the current locked user and go back to the list of users. Esc usually works but not always - it does not work when I have locked the user. I know alternatives exists to use tab but Esc should work.

    - The List of users should be vertical not horizontal (or the user should have a choice to configure this to be vertical). - When I select with the keyboard, the Selected User form the list  should be really visible - today there is pale shadow on the selected user - yeah cool but not visible. There are a lot of people out there that do not see right and when the laptop screen is in a bad position it is so hard to see. Again this is not 508 compliant.

    - the menu diplayed when I press CTRL-ALT-DEL needs to be redesigned - is really hard to see the selected item.

    And yes, these fixes should be sent to the Vista Users too with a letter about about what can be configured now in Windows - that would be a major change for Microsoft to admit that something was not right and was fixed or improved and it would a major improvement because it shows the users that Windows is growing towards better! it shows that it is worth paying for a license as this product is evolving.

    Where was this login screen designed and tested? Was design and testing on this outsourced? I think usability and quality was abandoned at Microsoft and we go only for what is cool. I slide the finger on the fingerprint reader while the computer was locked by a different user that would not switch the user - I have to click the Switch User button than do it again. Apple has showed what good usability means with the IPod.

    if someone has backdoor solutions for these please post them. I hold no hope that the Microdinosaurus will ever listen and implement the logical changes needed. 

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  • Without diving deep into this I think the things you mention are really worth for Microsoft to look into and I will do what I can to make these suggestions come through to the right people.
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    Friday, April 2, 2010 5:45 PM