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  • Ok, I've tried Windows SteadyState on the assumption that I could limit my childrens time on the computer.  2 hours max, each day.  The first day I had it setup my 10 year old quickly found out that she could log out, and log back in and the 2 hour timer would start all over again!

    I need to know if I can setup SteadyState so that my children are only allowed 2 hours of login time every day (thats every 24 hours).  I found that I could use the 'net user' command in a CMD window to set my Windows XP Home user accounts so that they are only allowed to log in between certain hours of the day, but I'd have to buy a $50 dollar application just to get this feature of allowing 2 hours of computer time each day!  Am I out of luck with SteadyState?

    I have since uninstalled SteadyState.  I also had the problem where the computer booted to a 'Welcome' screen yet all users were disabled and there was a message saying that Steadystate was upgrading the computer and would reboot when finished, but it never rebooted.  (I thought this was because my PC is using Wireless Networking, and the network driver doesn't appear to be loaded until a user actually logs in.)  This was the main reason I uninstalled it.  (It took me the better part of a three day weekend just to find out how to re-enable the users and get back in!)

    Thanks in advance...
    Thursday, May 21, 2009 3:33 AM


  • Hi tlc8126, thanks for the post. Please understand Windows SteadyState was originally designed for public computers such as library and shared classroom. Thus, one user account may be shared by many customers. In that case, control the computer access per day will be improper. For the current situation, you can try parental control system in Windows system to achieve the target. If you are using Windows Vista, this kind of option should be available in Parental Control.

    Sean Zhu - MSFT
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