SMTP Relay and Event 537 Errors


  • This week I enabled TLS connections for a client, and it's managed to break another config for a different client.  This is an Exchange 2003 Server.

    This existing client, thru a website that they host, when someone issues a password reset or account creation, the site generates an email.  The web site sends the email thru our Exchange server using a username and password provided by me so it appears to the user as coming from our domain.  This was working in the past, but once the TLS was enabled, it's stopped working.  The client is seeing 5.7.1 errors and I am seeing 537 errors in the security event logs stating that 'An error occurred during login'.  I do in my relay config have the box checked that allows authenticated users to relay, so I thought that should be sufficient.  What am I missing?



    Friday, March 02, 2012 1:07 PM