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  • Hi Everyone,

    Among the 3000+ Windows PCs in use across my organization (a mid-size university), there are 1000s of installed applications, very few of which are common enough to justify adding to the optional applications available in the custom task sequence. In the next few weeks, I'm getting a shipment of ~300 desktops that will need to replace existing Win7 machines.

    How would you accomplish this with max efficiency?

    Since USMT doesn't transfer apps, and I don't have the time to reinstall them for each PC replacement, I was thinking that I would first run an in-place upgrade on the Win7 machine to get it to 10. But then, I'm not sure how to use USMT in a "standalone" way to transfer everything from one machine to another. All of the MS documentation on USMT does a good job of telling you what the tool is and what its components are, but not so much on how to actually use it. Or, is there a way I can use the "optional Windows backup" (.WIM) offered in the Backup Only TS to transfer the entire contents of one machine to another?

    If I'm way off here, please share how you would approach this scenario: Need to replace 300 Windows 7 computers with Windows 10 computers in a way that minimizes user impact. For good measure, the process (not the setup for it) would have instructions that (even) a manager could carry out if necessary. Thanks!

    Friday, May 12, 2017 2:50 PM