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  • hi

    working on a dell optiplex gx260 pc as part of my work placement these machine are refurbished from schools banks call centres an have the hdd erased under data protection laws an mass cloned, cloned meaning the hdd are formatted an xp installed 10 at a time ,,into same model pc .. my tutor assures me this works as long as the hardware the cloned hdd are goinin in are  the same spec.

    i did  the updates from microsoft  when restarting the pc i find the system is halting 2mins approx as it loads the network card, i had disabled all start up services  to test an still the problem persisted.

    Having checked a irq assigning  the network card is sharing irq 18 with another device im told this could be the problem, having read about the bios setting of this model it really is limited as far as irq assigning concerned i read there is only settings in bios to assign pci slots to irq not the onboard embedded hardward the network card is.

    I wont know for sure till i go back  tues 7th march  to mess further so my questions are

    1 is there a way on this model  to reassign what channel the onboard network card uses .. 

    2 do you think using cloned hdd method may caused this problem an a clean format an install will cure this

    3 the other dell gx260 these cloned hdd went on didnt have this problem  so trust me ....

    im new on my works placement an would really like to get this issue sorted without been brutal formatting an reinstalling as my tutor said its best to find what problem is in case it happens again an in the past ive always learned by asking on forums to resolve my issues .... so here iam 

    many thanks for any help given  

    Monday, March 7, 2011 3:52 PM

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  • hi 

    having done a complete format clean  install the problem vanished  which lead my team to conclude  verious possibilites.

    1 the dell hdd drive  was cloned an drivers installed wer of a differing chipset for the onboard Lan card..

    2 posible misconfiguration of the MUL in user accounts despite removing users leaving just admin an user account not activated.

    I suspect the 1 st  silly me did remove the device rebooted thinking it would pick up the xp driver on hdd but course been a cloned dell image on hdd was always going pick up the same driver as before...with hind sight i should forced the device driver update from device manager takin the driver of the uni driver disk we use on the dells.....that would of  most probably saved me the time of a re installation if our theory is correct

    thanks for time spent on  replays ive never worked with cloned hdd before  an all learning experience   

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011 12:17 AM