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    I have 2 laptops that are part of my domain. They’ve been working fine up until yesterday. Last night, something happened to both laptops that stops them seeing machines other than other win7 machines. Nothing has been changed in the network, and all my other machines are fine, including 2 xp workstations (1 is a laptop), & 2 win 7 workstations. The issue happens whether the laptops are on wired or wireless connections. They get ip addresses from the dhcp server & can resolve external dns. Internal dns does not resolve….except, I can ping, or mail and it resolves & pings fine…if I try for example, to ping the dc..aldur, or it fails. I can also successfully ping external ip addresses OK. External internet access is fine from the 2 problem laptops. 



    The only thing that the 2 laptops have in common & is different from any of the other machines is that they are used for DA through UAG when out of the office…any ideas?? …



    All servers are 2k8 R2 ent. I cannot access any services or mapped drives internally, however DA works and I can see all my mapped drives as I should…

    Friday, January 15, 2010 4:54 PM


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