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  • after updating our DPM 2007 DPM Server and upgrading all Agents, it works on all Servers and Clients.

    Only one SQL 2005 Server does obviously not react to any task. All tasks regarding the database are pending and will not start even after hours.
    This applies to databases as well as to Sharepoint Databases on that server.

    Found out additional Information:

    We have one central SQL 2005 SP2 Server. We have Sharepoint Databases from different other systems hosted on this server as well as standalone databases on the server.
    It shows that i can back up only standalone (not Sharepoint) Databases OR Sharepointfarns with DPM.
    As soon as i Protect both types of DBs. one type is working, the other type is panding endless.
    I tried it together in on protection group and in different protection groups, alwasy with the same negativ result.

    This is something was definitely possible with DPM 2007, why is that not possible anymor after updateing to 2010?

    I cannot setup a exclusive SQL Server for each purpose, as we have lots ov test- and developper systems.
    Is this by design or is there any workaround?

    Even when i try to protect not the sharepoint farms but only the databases, i get the problem that DPM requires to delete the remaining replicas on tape, wich is not possible for us.

    All required patches are installed and servers are rebootet.

    There are no Events in Event Log.

    VSS Writer is without errors.

    created already new protection group without error, but replica creation is still pending....


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  • if that behaviour is by designm would it be the same with SQL 2008 Server?
    Friday, June 11, 2010 6:39 AM
  • we still found no solution, it works 2 or 3 times after dropping all the hanging jobs of the protection group, and hängs again in on of the next shedules.

    it seems to be a problem with the Sharepoint Farms, All Databases are on the same SQL Server, but one Db (the Sharepoint config DB) shows up with a different Server for the DB (namely the protected frontend".

    It seems this confuses DPM as it tries to backup it parallel to the other databases.


    Is ther still no solution?

    IO cant belive, that somethin that has been working with DPm 2007 totally perfect does not work anymore after upgrading to DPM 2010.

    Friday, June 25, 2010 6:48 AM
  • Hey,

    If I understand it correctly (if not, let us know, it's friday afternoon, brain is already on weekend mode :-))

    You are trying to protect a sharepoint farm (by protecting the entire farm) in protection group Sharepoint (for example) and at the same time protect the databases from sharepoint in protection group SQL (again for example).

    This is not a supported solution.  The sharepoint protection is designed that when you select the farm for protection, it will protect the entire farm + the databases.  There are a few good blogposts explaining how this works.  Because of this, the SQL databases for that farm are already protected and can't be protected anymore in another protection group (or in the same protection group).  This is done by design.

    Just my 2 cents,


    Mike Resseler

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    Friday, June 25, 2010 12:12 PM
  • Hi,

    (sorry for late reply, was on vacation..)

    no, we are not protecting Sharepoint farm's and sharepoint db's twice.

    From Sharepoint we only protect the farm.

    But the SQL Server hosting the Sharepoint DB's also serves other Databases (non sharepoint)

    The issue is not about the "other" databases, the isuue is that DPM tries to backup ALL the config db of the 3 sharepoint farms at the same time, because for this db's the datasource seems to be the Sharepoint frontend, and not the DB Server.

    I already added the sources to the DataSourcegroup.xml to avoid this behaviour, but without success. Alwas i get 2 or 3 recovery points, but then it hangs again....




    Friday, July 23, 2010 6:22 AM
  • Is this still a problem?



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