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  • I was wondering if anyone could point me to some technical information regarding the way a driver is installed. For example, when I install a printer, point the installation to a set of driver files, what exactly happense?

    I know that the files get copied to .\print$ and system32\Drivers or system32\DrvStore but what else happense?

    I ask this because I've written a script that can queue multiple printer installs to multiple PC over a network that can create local TCP/IP ports and install the printers accordingly. One fault of this is that I'm using WMI and installing the printers via Rundll32.exe printui, the remote install throws up a filecopy window and shows the progress of the files being copied. I would like to remove this option and manually copy the files to the locations windows needs to recogize them as already installed drivers so rundll32 will not need to copy them.

    Main reason for doing this is that the window is ugly and doesn't fit well with my application, the other is that I would like to monitor the filecopy progress with a progress bar. I could also copy all the drivers needed to multiple PC's ahead of time and have the drivers already installed.

    Any information on this topic would be helpful.



    Wednesday, July 27, 2011 1:22 PM