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  • I have multiple computers (running Windows 7 Enterprise) which use the autologon to move the users directly to their applications. My problem is our IT department is mandating 14-character passwords, but I can't change the existing encrypted passwords using the autologon tool. Is there a way (short of re-imaging the computers) to uninstall the existing passwords, or overwrite them?
    Thursday, December 27, 2018 1:52 PM

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  • From my testing on Win10, you have to change the user's password and then rerun autologon, enter the new password, and click on the enable button. 

    I am surprised that your IT department does not also require users to change their passwords every 90 days.  

    Thursday, December 27, 2018 3:31 PM
  • Careful with the 90-day info. They may be listening.

    Tried your suggestion but the old password is still hard-coded some place. Some additional information- our users have no access to the operating system. The autologon launches them to a blank desktop, the application software launches automatically and they're in. (Too many reports of NETFLIX watching on a production floor late nights.)

    Any other suggestions?

    Thursday, December 27, 2018 5:57 PM
  • Tried your suggestion but the old password is still hard-coded some place. 

    What error do you get, or what doesn't work?

    Log on to machine with an administrator account. Run autologon and click on Disable. Reboot. When it comes back up you should get a normal logon screen. Log in with the admin account and run autologon. Set it to the user id and new 14 character password. Reboot. It should come back up and auto logon the user.    

    You could also try kiosk mode.

    Thursday, December 27, 2018 7:02 PM