Getting new hard ware wizard to detect pci SATA card again using XP RRS feed

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  • Ok heres the deal. I am trying to get a RAIDSATA controller card to work. This labeled as being a Silicon Image Sil 3114 ctu, 4 port SATA Raid controller card.

    I am running XP pro if it makes any difference. This is an older (?) Dell Dimension 4550.

    The reason for this is that I am wanting to put a formerly external Western Digital WD5000AAVS 500 gig, 7,200 rpm hard drive in.

    I'll get to the driver issue in a bit. When I first put it in the "Found New Hard Ware" bubble opened up by the clock. Then it proceded to install the thing. It went throught the process and I watched the files go over. When it did this it showed the name of the Raid Controller.

    Then it finished and stated new hard ware is installed and ready to use. Ok I clicked it Finish.

    Then I guess it fired up the new, old, hard drive. The screen said Windows is shutting down.

    It did then the start up boot process started up. The Dell logo was there then the usuall F2 and F12 options showed up in the right corner.

    It went past that then pow, there was the New pci Card SATARaid controller and the wd5000aavs hard drive showing up. I t gave me the option of hitting (cntrl-s) or F4. I did neither and it went on to boot.

    I got the Start Windows normally and it went into it. That's where I think the problem hit. I think it was trying to boot from the new hard drive with no operating system on it. There is stuff on this HD, but no OS.

    Screen went black and I waited for about a half hour and nothing ever happened. So then I pushed in the power button to start over. The machine shut down. I waited about 2 minutes then turned it back on. When It came to the point with the F2 or F12 options up above. I made the thing start up using the recovery start up "Last known good configuration", it came to life.

    Then like a complete bone head I went to "My Computer" to see if the new drive was shown, it wasn't. So like an even bigger bone head I opened "View System Information" and opened the hard ward tab to open the "Device Manager". I rolled down to the RAID Controller and uninstalled the thing thinking I truly needed the disk with the driver on it to be able to access the Cards controll panel to make the settings for the hard drive that is plugged into it.

    Now as to the driver CD, little 3.5 disk, I opened it, and after searching Silicon Image and downloading the correct driver, I found the same one on the disk. It is a zipped file. I extracted the files. Then that's where I discovered you need a floppy disk to install the driver combined with the OS disk. I have both now. However my floppy drive appearently has died from never being used.

    I posted this same scenario on a Tech web site called "bleeping computers".

    I now realize I need to go into the Services and look for what I hope to be easy to find and start the service of the pci card.

    Now when I use the "Add new hardware wizard" it starts the ka-bluie. Nothing. I have isolated the unzipped drivers and clicked the "I'll decide" where to install the driver from. I did let windows search and even used the little CD. In both cases it goes like it is installing the drivers.

    Then the error's. Code 28, access denied installation failed. I even got an error code 5 once, basically the same thing.

    This is my pc and I am logged in as Admin. I have gone into the REgEdit HKey/Current user/ and the others to check the permission things. As far as I can tell all the permissions are OK.

    I called the computer place, not a big box store, and spoke with guy about my problem. I told what all I've done and he said I been doing about the same things he would do. He did tell me I could bring it back. When I switch "Controll Panel" to classic view, the Controllers is there. When I open it everything is greyed out so I can't do anything.

    MY question is this and I realize it is probably a complex issue. Also I do not want to install another OS on this thing in the other hard drive I am trying to get working again. Because I realize that using the floppy disk with driver on and the OS CD installed during boot from disk it will install XP again on that drive.

    So how can I make the "Found new hard ware" wizard detect and install this thing. I know that XP if very good at plug and play stuff. Also from what I have read on a lot of web sites is that XP does not need a different driver for a SATA card.

    How can I get my built in SATA driver back again?

    Please if anyone can help me, I think many more are having the same exact issue.

    Also I am not quite sure I have chosen the correct catagory and forum for this.

    Friday, June 25, 2010 1:29 AM