Cannot navigate between Sharepoint site collections running on separate web applications through UAG RRS feed

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  • My company has a internal web portal hosted on a Sharepoint 2007 server.  The primary site and most content is hosted on the Sharepoint server in Web Application with port 45964, but the company portal also has a link to a site running on a separate web application running on port 80.  I published both Sharepoint web applications in UAG and both work perfect when accessing each individually from the UAG portal home page.

    My problem is trying to go navigate directly from the primary portal to other areas of the portal that is running on the other Sharepoint 2007 web application.  When I click a link from the site running on web app 45964 that would bring me to the other site on the other web app running on port 80 I get a page not found as the UAG does not recognize that internal URL as the second published Sharepoint application.

    For my scenario:

    Primary portal - Sharepoint 2007 site

    Internal URL -  http://spserver.mydomain.com:45964/sites/myportal (runs on port 45964 web app)

    UAG Published URL (external) - https://moss.mydomain.com/sites/myportal

    AAM on Sharepoint is configured with public and internal mappings.

    2nd site - Sharepoint 2007 site 

    Internal URL - http://spserver.mydomain.com/sites/site1 (this site runs on default web site port 80 web app)

    UAG Published URL (external) - https://web-app.mydomain.com/sites/site1

    AAM is configured properly, this site is accessible when linking directly off the UAG portal home page.

    So how can I link from one Sharepoint site to another Sharepoint site when each run in their own Sharepoint web application and therefore are required to be published individually in UAG?

    Is this even possible?

    Thursday, October 13, 2011 1:15 PM

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  • HI Mac9292,

    i guess you have to trick out the UAG link translation engine to make it happen. Try to use a different host header (AAM) for reverse proxy access to one of the two internal websites and see if it helps. If they are distinct from each other, the chances are high that both would work....


    This posting is provided "AS IS" whithout any warranties. Kai Wilke | ITaCS GmbH | GERMANY, Berlin | www.itacs.de
    Monday, October 17, 2011 11:06 AM
  • It's possible but if I'm understanding your situation correctly, the link that you are using to link to the other web application doesn't reside in external DNS which is why you are getting the 404.   The URL http://spserver.mydomain.com needs to be resolvable from outside so that when directed to UAG, it can proxy the connection to the SharePoint server.

    My guess is that you have UAG configured properly using SSO and both web applications are on the same SSL Trunk, which will allow your users to use a single authenticated session to move between web applications, but UAG needs to be listening for the URL that your users are attempting to access the site with externally.

    Monday, October 17, 2011 6:23 PM
  • Does the FQDN for each application work if entered into a browser as opposed to entering the FQDN for the host trunk?

    Does this open the correct page or does it redirect you back to the portal page of the host trunk?

    Steve Angell - IDA Consultant (http://www.InfraScience.com)
    Monday, October 17, 2011 11:24 PM