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  • Scripting Task #1

    Due on or before Monday 10/8/18

    Completing the task earns 5 points

    earn bonuses of up to 15 points

    Create a script that reads input from the user. Collect their name and birthday

    Output to the screen: Hello <NAME> you are <DAYS> days old!

    Example output: Hello Brian Clark you are 13918 days old!

    Commands used:





    Get-Help / Get-Help <cmd> -online


    1) Calculate and output the age in years instead of days (2 points)

    2) Format years as a whole number with no decimal places (3 points)

    3) Ensure <Name> is in green text and <Days> or <years> is yellow (5 points)

    4) ensure birthday is an actual date and error if not (5 points)

    Friday, October 5, 2018 2:21 PM

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