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  • MOSS 2007:

    I'm working for a firm who has given me a job in their sharepoint team.
    I'm not a beginner in sharepoint moss but i'm neither a expert.

    But this task i have been given is " make this spreadsheet online in Sharepoint" !!
    They hate excel so they will swing from using a lot of spreadsheet to just using sharepoint for their works


    The workflow is

    A form which is public for the inspector
    Some of the data in this form should be generated (from diffent dropdowns) when the user start using it
    The value of the data should come from a SQL Server

    The form were user can input some data - save. It must be possible to save the work and proceed later.
    The user should use it for inspection data. He fill the data in and save it

    I guess it's a webpart i should program.


    Another department should be able to monitoring, edit, add, generate some report/views/list.This is not public
    They should be able to add/edit/delete values in the dropdowns as i mentioned before.
    How to do that. A webpart for every dropdown?

    The view should work Like a dashboard but its different from a normal dashboard in sharepoint.
    The views should show some data in a list (not exel, pdf or word but raw data), based on the input from the user

    Sorting the columns is allso a must. A total summarize list is default. (ex. show total errors during an inspection, total inspections etc.)

    There will be some chart display

    Does the solution had to be hardcoded or can sharepoint help me?

    By the way - How can i import the spreadsheet to SQL. Is there a easy way?
    Do I have to make the database first and then import?

    The serialnumber for the item in a inspection have both letters and digits. ex. cv-2340-11
    I like to use the serialnumber (its uniq) for the primary key in the database.
    Is that a problem?

    And in the near future other devices could be implemented ex. Tablets and smartphone.
    What to be aware of for using other devices?

    So many questions- I hope you can help


    Forgive my poor english - I work hard to learn it.

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  • To input your data it sounds like you should use a browser enabled InfoPath form. This is a form you can design using Microsoft InfoPath, users can open it and fill it out through their browser in SharePoint. The completed form can be saved/submitted to a document library in SharePoint. You can 'promote' the fields in the InfoPath form so that they become metadata fields in your SharePoint library, this will allow for sorting, filtering, searching etc on the columns. You could provide customised views of the library so that it doesn't look like there's files behind it, users will just see the 'raw data'. There's a number of different 3rd party chart web parts that you could get and connect to the library as their data source to display the required charts.

    There's a bit of a learning curve to InfoPath forms, but there's plenty of tutorials around if you search, and when you get the hang of them they let you very quickly create some really advanced functionality with very little effort.

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011 10:33 AM