Group policy refreshing desktop shortcuts and causing them to disappear


  • Hi,

    We are running Windows Server 2008 domain controllers and Windows Server 2008 terminal servers.  I've set up a group policy on the DCs to "Replace" shortcuts on user's terminal server desktops.  I'm using the replace action so that as people change roles, I can move them to different OUs/policies and have the old desktop shortcut icons clean up and new ones created, all automatically.  This is all working fine so far...when users log on they get all the appropriate icons, except that throughout the day as the policy automatically refreshes, it deletes and recreates the icons but doesn't always refresh the desktop, so sometimes icons disappear on people.  If I manually browse to people's Desktop folder (C:\Users\[username]\Desktop), the shortcuts are all there, but to get some of them to show up again on the desktop, we have to press F5 or right click and Refresh on the desktop...or just wait for the next policy auto-run and sometimes they'll come back.  This is confusing a lot of people as icons disappear and return.  Again, this is on their terminal server desktops.

    We are hoping to not have to turn off the automatic group policy refresh that runs throughout the day.  Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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