Associate AppV 5.0 FTA with Workstation, not user.


  • Hi,

    If I add or publish an AppV 5.0 app (using the Powershell method at startup, not via the MGMT console) without any DCC or DCU, FTA's are NOT associated.

    If I add or publish an AppV 5.0 app, and during publishing I specify a DUC, FTA's are correctly associated...but only for the current user.  If I login with a different user, FTA's are lost.

    If I add a package and specify a DCC, FTA's are not associated.

    Since this exists in a XenApp environment, ideally the FTA's should apply to the computer, not to the user.  The 'workaround' is to use Content Redirection and let ICA handle FTA's, but the downside being, the Icon for all the differing FTA's will be the same.  For example, Excel .xls, .xlsx, .csv etc etc, will all have the same generic Excel icon.  Not a major problem, but more of an annoyance.

    AppV 4.6 quite happily applied FTA's to the workstation, I don't understand why/how 5.0 has changed this behavior and is now making me rely on Citrix to do the FTA's.


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