Project 2016 - Errors from detaching/unlinking a subproject - Build 1612 RRS feed

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  • There are currently some problems when detaching a project that has been added as a subproject.  It's throwing a error on even the simplest project and corrupting the list of dependencies.

    To reproduce:

    1.  Create a new project.

    2.  Create 4 tasks, 1,2,3 and 4.  Make them each 5 day duration, and each should depend on the previous.  4 should also depend on 2 (task 3,task 2 in the predecessor box in that order.)

    3.  Save this project in the native format.

    4.  Open a blank project.  Choose Project->Subproject->Insert.  Select the project saved in step 3.

    5.  Unfold the project tasks, then add a column for successors.  Observe the order of all tasks in the predecessor and successor columns.  May want to take a screenshot for reference.

    6.  Right click the first task, choose information, then click the advanced tab.

    7.  Uncheck the box for "Link to Project".

    8.  At this point, you will receive a error message:  "These tasks can't be linked because they're already linked through another task chain."  

    9.  Observe the successor column.  The task successors have been corrupted.  The successor for task 2 shows 3 instead of 3 and 4, and successor for task 3 shows 4,4 instead of 4.  


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