Internet access problems with multiple RDP sessions on the same computer


  • I have a terrible problem that I cannot find a logic reason for it, I hope that you can help to find a solution for it

    My hardware/software configuration is:

    1. Microsoft forefront TMG as a firewall with active directory authentication (AD user based), internet access policies for specific users over HTTP & HTTPS, Bandwidth Splitter roles and Quota roles for each user allowed to access internet.

    2. Citrix xenapp Server configured to puplish google chrome application for users

    3. Windows server 2016 Standard edition with RDS role installed to host sessions from diffrent users at the same time & hosts google chrome application

    4. each user has a workstation to work on it

    The servers and users workstations located in the same network

    Citrix xenapp works perfect, users can launch google chrome from Citrix storefront using their AD accounts.

    RDS fine, the single machine with windows server 2016 can host multiple sessions at the same time and there is no problem at all.

    Forefront TMG works fine in case of each user uses his own workstation to use internet, all rules applied as it should be.

    description of the problem:

    The problem (or conflict) happens when multiple users are logged in to Citrix storefront and try to access internet! They can launch chrome normally and proxy settings are set to each user on the RDS host.

    But when single user launch chrome via storefront (as a remote session), he can access internet without any problems! When another user login the problems start: pages not totally load, can access internet for only 10 seconds. These problems happens to all logged in users on the RDS host (Citrix VDA).

    So, is there a problem if multiple users on the same machine tried to access internet via google chrome at the same time? Or there is additional configuration that I ignored?

    I hope to find a reason for this problem because I don't even understand the reason of it!

    Thanks in advance.

    Sunday, January 14, 2018 6:26 PM