New AD forest with Exchange and Sharepoint in original forest


  • Hi all

    I have a client that is currently 2 organisations but one of them wants to
    become completely independent and split off from the other. Currently they share
    the same AD domain, Exchange server, sharepoint, file servers, etc.

    I have been asked to set them up with a new AD forest\domain and migrate the
    user accounts to the new forest\domain. This is phase 1 in the rather large
    migration project. Once users and computers have been migrated I will then be
    looking at migrating Exchange and Sharepoint over (and the other services) as
    phase 2 - not straight away so mailboxes and sharepoint resources will be
    accessed from the new accounts in an interim period.

    My question to all out there is (1) Does anyone see any issues with Exchange
    permissions (Exchange 2007) once user accounts are migrated? I was planning on
    resetting permissions on mailboxes to give the new accounts access via the
    Forest trust (2) How about sharepoint? Is this a simple procedure of configuring
    permissions in the same way on team sites etc?

    I have heard that Exchange 2007 can be a real pain in a cross-forest
    scenario. Any advice, tips or gotchas to look out for would be much

    Many thanks

    A Woods

    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 2:06 PM