Commit size in OLEDB while inserting in to oracle


  • Hi Folks,

    I'm grateful if you could help me on the below.

    I have a staging table in SQL Server. I need to transfer the records in the Staging table of SQL server in to Staging table of Oracle database.

    I'm currently using OLEDB to transfer the records from SQL server to Oracle and I do understand  that it doesnt support Bulk insert for oracle.

    But the problem that I'm seeing is no of commits is more in oracle when I'm using OLEDB

    Is there a way to mention the batch size in oleDb? Or suggest me some way to do a bulk insert in to oracle with rowsize.

    Note: Please dont suggest Oracle Attunity as the option is completely ruled out by business as it requires Enterprise edition of SQL Server.

    Desperately looking for your replies.

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