Network traffic between LWGW and ATA Center RRS feed

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  • Hello, 

    3 questions related to network traffic:

    1.  I have remote Domain Controllers that I will be installing the LWGW onto.  These will then report into a centralized ATA Center server.   What kind of network traffic can I expect between the LWGW and the ATA Center?  Let's say, for 50 - 100 users and computers?

    2.  I have some very remote sites that are geographically dispersed.  Will the LWGW still be able to report into the ATA Center normally given the latency?   Are there any best practice latency requirements?  My sites range from 30ms to 230ms RTT from the ATA Server.  

    3.  Does anybody deploy more than 1 ATA Center, and how would you direct the LWGW to report to a specific ATA Center server?


    Monday, February 25, 2019 7:06 PM


  • 1. It's almost impossible to predict in theory, you should try and measure.
    That is because the GW is doing filtering, depends on traffic mixture. For example, a DC that gets 90% kerberos traffic will send much more data compare to one that gets something like 50% kerberos and 50% DNS...
    From practical experience I haven't yet heard from a customer that they had a problem with remote sites... Still I advise to carefully check.

    2. Unless you have huge traffic there that might add up due to this latency, although I never actually tested, I expect this to still work fine with this latency range.

    3. a GW can report only to 1 Center. there is no real benefit of installing multiple centers unless you have multiple forests, in which case the best result will be Center per forest. Sadly ATA does not support multi forest (AATP does).

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