Deploy Session Based Alert Templates to multiple machines/users RRS feed

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  • Hi, Ive been trying to get the following to work:-

    1) Monitor a user session based counter on many deployed machines

    2) To alert when that counter hits some defined value.

    This may sound simple, and it is when you create the Alert manually on the machines when the user is logged on, but the problem is when you try and do this for multiple users who log onto that machine. The issue I found is that when you choose the WMI Counter, and select 'ALL SESSIONS' it doesnt actually do that, but just selects all current session it can 'see' to include in the monitor. This looks to only be an issue when you create it as an Alert though, as when you create it as a Performance Counter Data Log it will work and record all session information. In fact you can see what I mean by simply creating two examples using the Processor Counter.

    1) Create a new Data Collector Set from Performance Monitor

    2) Select to create manually

    3) Choose 'Create data logs - Performance counter'

    4) Select Processor and Instances of selected object to be 'All instances'

    5) You will see it lists this as \Processor(*)\* as the performance counter

    This time create a new Data Collector Set for an alert as follows:-

    1) Select to create manually

    2) Choose 'Performance Counter Alert' this time

    3) Select Processor and Instances of selected object to be 'All instances'

    4) This time you will see it lists all counters is can see at that time.

    Of course the problem with this is that the 'Alert' is then only being run for that session it selects at that time. So when you export the XML template and load it at user logon time (via a batch file and logman command line) this will not work because the alert is set for a different user (for my requirement).

    What I need is to be able to get the logman import of the XML template to be able to alert for any user session.

    Hope this all makes sense and someone out there may have hit this issue before.




    Wednesday, October 12, 2016 5:56 AM