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  • Hey there. I figured I might be able to figure this one out on my own, but it seems so much easier to ask the good ol' IT pros and just plain smart people on Microsoft forums.

    Now that I've gotten the bribe, here's the problem.

    I'm running on a Dell Dimension Desktop 4400 which is rather old, but I've upgraded the baby so many times that she runs like an Alienware! (Well, maybe, not quite.)

    The problem is, whenever I go to install Windows Vista, I open it up, and it goes to the "Please wait..." loader thing, and then it dies, stops, terminates.

    And, it says: "Temporary files could not be written to C: Drive. Setup cannot continue.", or something to that extent.

    Now, I've Googled it, as I do before I ask for help, and I'm not seeing much on anything relating to Windows Vista setup problems, but then again, I'm not looking in all the right places.

    Now, I, of course, tried to before and after doing a little research: I tried to boot directly from the disk and do setup. PROBLEM:

    Windows Vista is on a DVD.

    I use an external DVD Drive, all the fun stuff. Of course DVD-R and CD-R/RW, and DVD-RW as well. So it's pretty much an all-in-one burner.

    I'm not sure how to boot up directly from my external DVD drive. It doesn't appear in the BIOS as a boot disk, and thus, I can't set its priority to higher to boot from. I only see the devices that are internal: my Floppy Drive (prehistoric), CD-Rom, and of course, Hard Drive.

    So, yeah. If anyone could give me suggests or help on either booting FROM my DVD drive, or doing otherwise to install Vista.

    My CD/DVD Rewritable drive is a Sony DRX-710UL.

    I have a quick idea that'll probably work (just my luck, since I wrote all this). I didn't even think about using my Windows XP disc or another boot disk to boot to a DOS prompt and execute the setup file from my E:\ while in there. I dunno, something triggered that while I was typing. So. Anyone can help, it'd be appreciated. Thanks much.

    Monday, June 26, 2006 11:47 AM