Export other user's contacts to .csv using powershell in O365


  • Hello,

    I wanted to find out a way to export a specific user's contacts to a csv file by using windows powershell and I can't seem to find anything online or on this forum. 

    Is this even possible? I have seen a different article saying that you can use:

    Get-MailContact -ResultSize unlimited | export-csv c:\whatever.csv

    This however exports all company contacts. I just want to use it for this one user.

    I have also tried the alternative to give myself permissions to the mailbox and the go to OWA. Open additional mailbox and then go to contacts, select all of them and export to .csv. The file however is empty. It only populates when I export My contacts. But when I export another mailbox's contacts it just comes back empty.

    Please advise if there is a command and if it's possible via Powershell. If not what is the alternative (want to avoid changing the user's password and signing in with his account to export the contacts).

    Thank you! :)

    Monday, June 11, 2018 9:29 AM


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