Standard Buttons Toolbar Customizations are NOT kept in Shared Account when SS Restrictions are enabled. RRS feed

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  • I am in a library setting with many public computers.  I use the "all" account as the public access profile.  When I'm prepping a new computer for public use I need to customize the "all" account.  Here is my process:


    At this point I have installed the full set of feature, services and programs that I want to offer users. 

    1. I create the "all" account in the steady state interface
    2. I remove all SS restrictions by setting both the Windows Restrictions tab and the Feature Restrictions tabs to "No Restrictions"
    3. I log into the "all" account so I can manually configure changes
    4. I customize the standard buttons toolbar by adding items like copy, cut, paste, and I remove: move to and copy to
    5. I log out of the "all" account after every change looks good
    6. In the admin account I enable SS Windows Restrictions and Feature Restrictions (I set them to High and unselect a few options) I do NOT lock the account
    7. Next I go back into the "all" account and the Standard Buttons toolbar does NOT have the changes I made to it and the move to and copy to have appeard.

    Why does this happen?  Does SS have some kind of default standard buttons that can't be changed?  Are there other things like this that can't be changed?


    I have tried this many different ways but I always get the same result...the standard button toolbar items can't be added or removed.



    Wednesday, September 3, 2008 2:17 PM