Prompt to Sign In for a Data Source is only prompted in Power Query (used to be in Excel) RRS feed

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  • I have a power query that pulls data from our exchange server.  It grabs the email accounts from a sheet, connects to each account and gets some summary data that it pulls into the Data Model.  

    It used to be (about 6 months ago) that when someone hit the refresh and wasn't logged in, they would get the normal "Microsoft Exchange" prompt where you could either pick Exchange Account or Microsoft Account. This was all with-in EXCEL.

    Now, this doesn't happens.  BUT, if they open up Power Query, and do the refresh from there, you get the prompt as normal.  Then when you go back to Excel and hit data refresh, it runs as normal.

    (the drawback here, is that it seems to only use a Preview of the data and so if there's to much data from the 1st Exchange account you never get prompted for the 2nd then when you go back to Excel and hit refresh it works and then errors out then it hits the 2nd account.)

    Any idea what's going on and how to resolve?

    ( most people on are the O365 Stable Channel, I'm on the monthly channel.  Another change that happened was that we moved from Centrify to Microsoft for our Single Source Sign On Authentication.   When this happened for any of the log-in prompts to work in Excel -> File -> Option -> General, one needed to switch from the default optimize for best appearance to optimize for compatibility )

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    Monday, August 19, 2019 3:12 PM

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