Windows 7 users struck at log on screen as their Home Drives on a Server 2012 were not accessible.


  • Hi team, 

    We had massive outage to user's logging on to their PC's and were struck at the log on Screens - Usual suspects were 

    DC - authentication was working as other sites were not having any issues

    DHCP- was leasing addresses.

    Network Connectivity-switches\routers - All UP and no unusual operation.

    That leaves/narrows it down to - their H:drives on a server 2012 box - even here i was able to log on as normal with no issues - was able to connect to the shares and all user permissions were intact. All user incidents reported had their home drives pointing to this server. A management decision was made to bounce the box and  surprisingly this came back good after the box was back UP again.

    My Question - what/where do i look for in the event viewer to narrow down on what exactly was going wrong on the server that it would not allow connections for users logging in while all other resources/services on the same server are responding normally? 

    Wednesday, December 04, 2013 10:23 PM


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