TerminalServer / EasyPrint RDC W7 not printing to XP Home


  • I installed the network printer ~6 weeks back, and recently it stopped printing between the systems, but I can print from the local XP PC to the MP C305...

    Office PC = XP Home SP3

    Virtual PC via RDC = W7

    Network Printer =Africio MP C305 (PLC6 Universal) (redirected 8 on W7)

    What I have tried:

    1) Copying %systemroot%\system32\Tswpfwrp.exe from the W7 to XP (TSWPFWRP was crashing on print) - didn't solve the issue.

    2) Removed a suspected offending printer that would stayed greyed out no matter what, (stoping/starting/checking spooler w/MS FIXit tool) and wouldn't allow for me to deleting it from HKLM\System\current control set\control\print\printers & HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Printers\Settings. ***Now when I stop and start the spooler, all the physical printers DO NOT  come online BUT the software printers do.*** ALL printers show up normally when I initially log in.

    3) Connected my XP Pro desktop to the W7 desktop and printed to my Canon MX320, NO PROBLEM.. Proving that the permissions are working.

    4) Adding the printer as a 2nd copy to the W7 environment
    5)checking the print spooler w/the MS FixIT spooler app on both machines.
    6) Removing and adding the printer to the local machine (which prints fine to this network printer BTW)
    7) Removed the physical printers in the W7 environment registry (HKCU and HKLM)
    8) Turning off the "local resources" in RDC , logging in, loggin off, turning them back on and logging in.
    9) Watched Sys32\Spool\Printers - populate data (2files come up, then a 3rd one while the printer shows 1 page pending/printing) and then after a few seconds, the files in Sys32\Spool\Printers disappear (as they should)  and the printer then says "no documents in print que"..

    Does anyone have anther option I can try ?
    Tuesday, November 19, 2013 5:06 AM


  • Hi,

    Firstly try to check the Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc) for any Event ID\Error log. When the client user’s logon to the remote session check the Event Viewer and see the Application category under Windows Logs, if there is something related to printer driver problems; or any error clues.

    You can also try to disable the firewall and anti-virus software on both sides and test the issue again. There is a blog of Easy Print troubleshooting, please take it as reference. That include many common issues and known errors of Easy Print:
    Using Remote Desktop Easy Print in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

    Hope it helps!

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 8:22 AM