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  • Hey guys

    I am wondering how do you normally get around sequencing applications that have a config setting that says for example c:\somdir in an xml file?

    I am trying to sequence FileZilla and this application has a xml file to change some settings of the application.

    The first setting as you can see below is Config location and the variable $somedir\filezilla is simply:


    The problem I am having is when sequencing and opening the application it creates the config files in the VFS

    but the application is telling it to look for it in C:\filezilla which is:

        <Setting name="Config Location">$SOMEDIR/filezilla/</Setting>

    I have tried opening the application while sequencing and not opening while sequencing.

    When testing I still get configuration errors. So I am thinking its due to this

    Is it possible to sequence or edit the path in the xml file to tell the application to look for it somewhere in the VFS?

    The portion of the default config settings are below:

        <Setting name="Config Location">$SOMEDIR/filezilla/</Setting>
        <Setting name="Kiosk mode">0</Setting>
        <Setting name="Disable update check">1</Setting>


    Hope my question makes sense

    Monday, May 23, 2016 9:30 AM

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