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    Our current setup in lots of small environments (~200) is where multiple people use the same computers (retail):  We have just an XP workgroup with XP logging on as Admin, with a lot (~15) of open shares, and XPsp2 firewall disabled.  (basically as unsecured as you can get.....our programmers are lazy and upper management just wanted it to work)

    I would like when we start to bring Vista in to our environments not have the open shares or only a few, and keep all the safety functions built in to Vista enabled.  We have our own point of sale program, that uses currently uses MSDE. I know we will have to go to SQL 2005 Express, that is ok.  The program also uses a lot of text files, read and written over the open shares.  Is there a way to pragmatically set the vista firewall to allow a COMPUTER to read and write files, or have our program see who is logged on and use their permissions?

    My goal would be to have Three user accounts, one with the administrator role (StoreOwner), one with very a user role, (Clerk), and another administrator account (Corp) for us in case the StoreOwner forgets his password, or something happens to that account.  This way I could have people just use the clerk account have the program work, and then when something needs installed or configured it would ask for the administrator (StoreOwner) password.  With out having a Domain in place at each one of these locations, and only having ~4-5 computers at each store, I have to limit the number of users profiles.

    IDEAS on the best way to make Vista work in this type of environment?  I think that it can be done, the programmers, (being lazy) just what to disable all the security and for things to "work"  with out a ton of rewriting.  I see it from the support side, where the security is nice to have, when you have lots of "kids" playing on these machines I don't want everyone to be able to install or remove software, only certain files need to be seen by their eyes, etc.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007 2:19 AM