X800 Pro + AMD 4600+ X2 + nForce3 250 RRS feed

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  • I tried Vista RC1, RC2 and hade no problems (with a one core AMD Ahtlon64 3500+). Vista Aero woked perfectly but now with final Vista i get error code 43 when i start my computer.

    I've tryed to get much info about this problem and i have learned that nVidia has no plans of releasing new drivers for nForce3 on Vista.

    Can only hope that Microsoft or someone else can release a fix for this pbroblem.


    My solution to the problem is to order new hardware. And a ordered products from ATI. I will never buy a nVidia product ever again.

    I cant understand how nVidia thinks. Vista found my nForce3 chipset, my dual core cpu and my ati gpu but the combo is resulting in error code 43. All other brandmakers of chipsets have released new drivers but NO, not nVidia. If Vista founds it, it supports it is my meaning...


    Sorry nVidia, you lost another customer over somthing so stupid as new drivers. If you just hade listend to your customers complaning you wouldn't lost so many of them. NO MORE NVIDIA STUFF FOR ME!!

    Thursday, February 8, 2007 9:34 PM