Help me Remove VIsta PLEASE and restore XP Tablet RRS feed

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  • Heres where I stand, I installed the horrible OS Vista only a number of days ago and it has only proved to excell in one field, producing headaches and proving incompatible with games. I have done EVERYTHING, to try to get the games working (heavy research) and have come to the conclusion that restoring XP is the only solution. *******Heres Where I Stand******** I have 5 Gateway Discs which came with my PC and contain XP, I have used them for restoring before, however now I am competely clueless, my laptop is now completely blank, I have only a basic Vista Business Install on with no programs other than the bundled ones. I am asking for a simple guide for restoring XP using what I have please respond as soon as possible, because honestly I can't work with Vista (aka the worst OS to date). Macs actually look good now....scary.
    Wednesday, July 11, 2007 9:07 AM