Bug with MSDN Documentation - Slow Page Loading RRS feed

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  • I am not sure where I am support to report bugs like this, but I am having a problem with MSDN documentation pages, and I know what the issue is that needs to be fixed.

    When I load any MSDN documentation page on the latest verison of Chrome, it generally takes upwards of five seconds or more to display the content.

    I have tracked this down to Ghostery blocking a single beacon, WebTrends.

    If this beacon is blocked, all you get is a white page with a small anchor icon.  5+ seconds later, you get the page, rendered fine.

    If you change Ghostery to stop blocking this beacon, the page loads in milliseconds.

    In both cases, they look exactly the same.

    Except of course when you block WebTrends you sit and wait, otherwise it loads almost instantly.

    Why is there a blocking call on WebTrends beacon on MSDN?  At least make this asynchronous so we don't have to sit there and stare at a blank page for 5000+ ms.

    Here is all you get to look at, against a large white background, with that beacon blocked:

    Anchor Icon

    The technical issue here is that it's stalled out on this blocking call.   Nothing happens until the call fails, and then the page shows up.

    The details look like this ... WITH blocking beacon:

    5.25 seconds to load the page.  4.7 seconds of idle time!

    Without blocked beacon:

    733 milliseconds to load the page!  0.19 seconds of idle time!

    Can we switch this to an async call to the beacon?   No other website has this issue that I've visited.

    The actual blocks in question:

    Sunday, May 8, 2016 6:41 AM